We only specify functional migration steps in this guide.

From 7.x to 8.x

Functional migration steps from MOLGENIS 7.x to 8.x

EMX models and other configuration

The following changes require manual actions (if applicable for your application):

  • MREF as labels are not allowed anymore. You should use template expressions. Please check: template expressions.

    • You can migrate the database first and if you encounter the following error

        Conversion failure in entity type [#name#] attribute [#name#]; No converter found capable of converting from type [org.molgenis.data.support.DynamicEntity] to type [java.lang.String]

      You can fix these attributes in the Metadata Manager by editing the expression of the mentioned attribute.

  • If users or groups were giving special permissions on the Settings Manager Plugin, these permissions should be set again for the replacement Settings Plugin. The plugin itself is replaced automatically.

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